Instructions on Document Legalization (Authentication)
Embassy of China in Bangladesh
2023-04-25 18:02

General information

Legalization means the authentication of a signature of seal/stamp appearing on a document.

To have documents which originate in Bangladesh accepted in the People's Republic of China, firstly the documents need to be certified by a local notary public, or a certified copy should be issued by the competent authorities before consular authentication. Secondly, you need to go to the Legalization Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Consular Division) of Bangladesh to legalize the signatures or seals of Bangladesh public officials (Solicitors, Notaries Public, Registrars, etc). Thirdly, submit the documents to our office to legalize the signatures of the officials of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh.

Please be reminded that the legalization procedure only confirms that the signature of the officials from Bangladesh Ministry of Foreign Affairs is true and authentic. It does NOT mean that the contents of the documents are correct or our office approves of the contents.

Preferably, your documents may be issued directly in both Bengali and English. For document only in Bengali, it is better to have an English version, which should also be notarized and legalized, so that the document could be easily accepted in China.

The legalization will be done in 4 working days for regular delivery. The legalization fee for foreigner citizens is 4800 Taka for each commercial document or 2400 Taka for each civil purpose document. The legalization fee for Chinese citizens is 1600 Taka for each commercial document or 800 Taka for each civil purpose document. For express delivery, additional 2700 Taka will be charged for each document and the legalization will be done in 3 working days. 

Documents required for legalization application

1. One fully completed Notarization and Authentication Application Form.

2. The original and a photocopy of the document to be authenticated.

3. The original of the applicant's passport and a photocopy of the photo/information page of the passport or other valid ID.

4. If an applicant has entrusted someone else to submit the application on his/her behalf, a photocopy of both the entrusted person's and the applicant's valid ID will be required.

5. If the document is a business license, a photocopy of the passport or other valid ID of the company's legal representative and the company document that can prove the person's legal representative status should be submitted.

How to apply

1. You may submit the application by yourself or entrust someone else to do it for you.

2. No appointment is needed.

3. If necessary, applicants should come in person for an interview.

How to pay

Applicants shall pay the visa fees with a bank card. Cash payment is not accepted. Currently following bank cards are accepted by the Embassy: VISA, Master, China Union Pay and Diner Club /Discovery International Cards.

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