Follow the Lens of Sunny to Explore the Real Xinjiang
-- Xinjiang in the Eyes of a Bangladeshi Student
Embassy of China in Bangladesh
2021-12-09 14:18


What does the real Xinjiang look like? 

Bearing this question in mind, MD Mahedi Hassan Sunny, a Bangladeshi student at Peking University, traveled to Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region of China with his peers this summer, and took fantastic photos and videos of what they saw and heard there. 

With Sunny's permission, the Embassy of China in Bangladesh has the pleasure to share his works on our page. 

Let's follow Sunny's lens to explore the true beauty of Xinjiang!

Silk Road

Kashgar Ancient City, Kashgar, Xinjiang

Sunny: Xinjiang was one of the most important routes of the ancient Silk Road. The people there still keep their ancient tradition and culture. In this photo, a beautiful lady sitting on a camel passed through the ancient city of Kashgar.


Kashgar Old Bazar, Kashgar, Xinjiang

Sunny: An old granny in traditional dress holding the national flag of China were sitting in the Bazar. I captured this beautiful moment through my camera.


Kashgar Ancient City, Kashgar, Xinjiang

Sunny: A group of young energetic kids were playing by the street. They appeared to be pretty curious when seeing me, a foreigner. I captured this beautiful moment of them through my camera.


Ancient city of Kashgar, Kashgar, Xinjiang

Sunny: Traditional dress is very popular in Xinjiang. The rich colors and fancy design make it stunning. Three elegant young ladies in traditional dresses caught my eyes when I traveled to the ancient city of Kashgar. I captured this beautiful moment through my camera.

Moments of Love

International Grand Bazar, Urumqi, Xinjiang

Sunny: International Grand Bazar is one of the famous tourist attractions in Xinjiang. In this photo one couple passed through the bazar where love and freedom are very obvious elements.

Affection of Father for His daughter

Kashgar Night Street, Kashgar, Xinjiang

Sunny: A little girl sitting on her father’s shoulders passed through the dazzling and lively Night Street of Kashgar.

Rising Up

Urumqi, Xinjiang

Sunny: Xinjiang is one of the fastest developing regions in China, especially in terms of infrastructure. This photo is taken at the Central Business District of Urumqi where you will get amazed by the modern architecture.

Green Growth

Urumqi, Xinjiang

Sunny: Urumqi is the capital of Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region. This photo shows a road circling around the city where everything is clean and clear, rows of green plants along the road make it more environment-friendly.

Agriculture through Science and Technology

Shihezi, Xinjiang

Sunny: Xinjiang cotton, accounting for more than 84% of total yield in China, is world famous. Development on agricultural science and technology ensures the quantity and quality of Xinjiang cotton. This photo shows several collecting machines wading through the cotton field. The farmer there told me that it needs only two individuals to operate a machine like these, which raises labor efficiency to maximum.

Beauty of Bazar

International Grand Bazar, Urumqi, Xinjiang

Sunny: Xinjiang has a rich history of Bazar. This photo shows people purchasing groceries at the International Grand Bazar in Urumqi. Ethnic crafts are displayed in harmony with red lanterns and Chinese National flags.

Fortune Comes with E-Commerce

Saksan Village, Hotan City, Xinjiang

Sunny: In recent years, China has made great achievement in poverty alleviation. Saksan Village is one of the many villages in China who have successfully lift themselves from extreme poverty. E-commerce and live streaming shopping contribute a lot in this course. This photo shows two young people selling their local products through online live streaming platforms. In this way, their goods can be sold throughout the vast country, which brings about economic stability and a better life.

Happiness for the Generations to Come

Kashgar, Xinjiang

Sunny: In Xinjiang, people are diligent and friendly. They love to breed pigeons in their house, which symbolizes peace and happiness. This photo shows a little kid holding two pigeons in his hands, with a face full of smile. As it writes on his hoody, he loves his family. This is the true happiness.

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